Vision & Mission

Vision:- Create a sustainable industry-ready talent pipeline by scaling quality capacity.

Mission:- To meet the required Mandate of the Government to provide Wage Employment.


RCM Polytechnic came into being to achieve the following objectives:

To ensure that the quality education reaches one and all in the society specially the deprived and disadvantage groups of the Institution.

To play a pivotal role in taking technical education to the bottom of the pyramid to ensure that they are provided with an opportunity to get quality education at affordable cost and get a chance to bring themselves to the mainstream of the society.

To coordinate and bring the syllabus, pedagogy and expertise of different boards and Universities under one roof so that students could be given an opportunity to choose from a wide range of subjects and options which would enable them to learn and then perform in their respective area of interest.

To run employment oriented courses which give all the students a chance to secure employment in their respective areas of expertise.

To provide an opportunity of different modes of study (Face to Face, Part–Time, Distance Learning) so that not only students but professional also could learn and grow. It would also provide an opportunity to learners to learn at one’s own pace and place.

To provide access to higher education and/or technical education to all those who seek it with an attempt to democratize the education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners.